TLA Medicolegal Services

Finding the right Medical Experts for your client

TLA Medicolegal is an Independent Company providing Medical Expert Witnesses for Medicolegal Reporting & Services.

Our Medicolegal Case Managers will identify the best Experts in their field of medicine, at locations convenient to your client. You will be supported with exceptional client care and communication by our dedicated team. You can rely on your designated Case Manager to liaise directly with your chosen Medical Expert consistently throughout the case. All TLA Case Managers advocate and encourage regular communication between Experts and the Instructing Parties.

We will arrange the appointments, prepare the reports and deliver electronically within the required time frame. We will arrange further investigations, diagnostic tests and should the Expert recommend reports from other specialities we will select and recommend the correct additional Experts. Our Experts will work tirelessly to ensure that your Client achieves the best possible outcome.

We do not charge a fee for finding you the right Experts so there are no hidden costs.

For Clients

  • Provision of highest quality Independent Expert Medicolegal Reports for the Legal Profession and Insurance Industry within the UK and Internationally.
  • Screening Report Services.
  • All claims from Small to Multitrack Cases.
  • Additional specialist team and service for serious injury, clinical negligence and complex claims.
  • Access to leading, highly experienced Medical Experts from all disciplines.
  • Medicolegal & Clinical advice available to all clients from an inhouse team of consultant level NHS doctors.
  • Highly trained Case Managers with extensive knowledge of the medical and legal aspects of personal injury and clinical negligence.
  • Bespoke service for all clients; offering a tailored service to your unique needs.
  • Exceptional client care and communications by a specialist, dedicated Case Manager for the entirety of the case.
  • Provision of all medical investigations, diagnostics, surgery and private treatment from leading private and NHS facilities nationwide.
  • Provision of Claimant & Defendant Medicolegal Reports.
    • Digitised records & web-based conferencing.

    For Experts

    • Designated Highly Trained Medicolegal Case Manager for each individual Expert, offering a personal tailored service.
    • Invaluable Administrative support enabling a seamless service with the day-to-day organisation of medicolegal duties.
    • Appointment Scheduling for Clinic Bookings, Conference with Counsel and Trial Dates.
    • Ensuring all medical records are organised, comprehensive and complete.
    • Guaranteeing all radiology is provided, accessible and of diagnostic quality to aid efficient reporting.
    • Audiotyping Services Available.
    • Option for Experts to move the management of their medicolegal practice to a dedicated Medicolegal Case Manager at TLA at no cost and with no contracted terms. The benefits include saving the financial expense of employing a Medicolegal Secretary and a dedicated accounts package for invoicing your work at your agreed fee, regular payments, quarterly account reports for either VAT or self-assessment and direct access to our Accounts Team.
    • Option to promote your medicolegal expertise and any associated clinical or academic achievements or papers on our news feeds to increase your profile as an Independent Expert Witness.
    • Invitations to Events & Conferences we run in collaboration with Lawyers & Chambers on key medicolegal issues and training.

    Investigation & Medical Diagnosis.

    Early diagnosis, treatment and investigation is essential to ensure that your client achieves the best recovery with cutting edge treatment.

    Our sister company 3D Health UK provides a complete Diagnostic & Rehabilitation Service for all Legal & Private Patients.

    Whether an x-ray or CT is required or more complex investigations such as urodynamics or sleep studies we can refer for these at any of the UK Private Hospitals or Private Diagnostic Centres within the NHS, ensuring prompt appointments, diagnosis and local access.

    We can also arrange Private Surgery for your client with highly respected Consultant Surgeons nationwide.

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